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3 Year Old Shot & Killed In Virginia. National Media Silent

Remember last month when the national media was in an uproar about a 2nd Amendment Rally where a bunch of bunch of people who were legal gun owners were to have an armed protest against the democratic legislature`s anti Constitutional agenda? Remember how they kept saying that these legally armed gun owners were going to break out in violence? Remember how the governor declared a state of emergency fearing an outbreak of violence? Well nothing happened. As with the majority of legally armed gun owners, everyone was professional and disciplined. On the other hand, the violence in Virginia by the criminal element gets no such attention. This past week 3 year old Sharmar Hill Jr. was shot and killed while playing with his sisters out front of his home in Richmond. Police have arrested 21 year old Antonio L. Harris on an earlier car jacking charge and suspect that he may be involved with Sharmar`s death as the car seen at the shooting matches a witnesses description. The same car was also seen earlier in the days before where several other shootings took place.

As for Antonio himself, NBC 12 reports that

“Antonio Harris was supposed to be under home electronic monitoring for his Nov. 20, 2019, carjacking charge but the Department of Justice Services says he fell off the radar.

On Dec. 5, 2019, during a preliminary hearing, the suspect’s attorney asked for bond. The judge agreed but told Harris he had to wear an ankle bracelet.

Harris left Richmond City Jail on Dec. 18, 2019.

He had to stay at a fixed address and could only leave to visit his attorney and adult pretrial services, but Harris was reprimanded for “briefly” leaving his residence on Christmas Day.

The next day, the city says he failed to charge the battery on his ankle monitor. The court issued a warrant for his arrest that same day.

Harris also didn’t show up for scheduled meetings on Dec. 30, 2019, and Jan. 8, 2020. Richmond Police tried to track him down but were unsuccessful.

When they did arrest Harris on Sunday, he did not have his ankle monitor on.”

Once again, the national media outlets were more outraged over legally armed gun owners gathering to defend their rights then they are about the shooting death of a 3 year old by a criminal. Why is that?