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SJW Outlets Reward Megan Rapinoe & Greta Thunberg For Being SJW`s

Not to get too much into pop culture, but the latest “People Of The Year” recipients once again lay out the agenda pushed by the mainstream outlets. 9 times out of 10, despite the actual achievements of the recipients in their respective field, they will be given to the most obnoxiously over the top social justice warrior. Most recently, a child who is being exploited by the globalist powers that be in order to implement Agenda 21 policies has been named Time Magazine`s “Person Of The Year”. Next to her, Megan Rapinoe, the obnoxious radical left Trump hating Rachel Maddow look a like soccer player who appeared to drop the American Flag and step on it at the end of the World Cup Final has been named the Sports Illustrated “Sportsperson Of The Year”. As always, just like the majority of these awards where there may be someone more deserving, they show themselves to be nothing more than social justice warriors rewarding social justice warriors for being social justice warriors. The “resistance” is in fact the establishment.

Women`s March Cancelled For Being Too White, Bernie Bro Represents Toxic Masculinity, Anti Trump Employee Fired. 2019 Looks Fun

Happy New Year everyone! Our first post for the New Year is going to look at a few recent events that 2018 not only ended on but hopefully are indicative of the humor that will be 2019.

After the election of President Trump in 2016, the left in America had a mental breakdown and started attacking anyone and anything in the name of “social justice” in what has been diagnosed as Trump Derangement Syndrome. These attacks went from finding the most minuscule of offense in any given subject and calling it a microaggression, to straight out adapting fascist and nazi-esque tactics in violently attacking anyone with whom they disagreed with as well as advocating for people to be fired and financially ruined. Not only were they warned that the the boomerang they were throwing would inevitably come back around to them, but in a humorously ironic twist, they have begun attacking their own people and institutions with these same accusations as well.

We`ll start off with The Women`s March. It`s something we`ve been posting about for awhile now- the need to hold the left accountable for the things they attack everyone else for, in other words, their double standard policies. This one has to do with the left`s anti semitism in relation to the Women`s March. We`ve posted in the past about the Women`s March double standard platform and it`s good to see them held accountable for at least part of it now. Not only is Linda Sarsour being called in question for her ties to Farrakhan, but statements by leaders Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez have been called anti semitic as well. With all this controversy going on, the Washington State Women`s March chapter has disbanded. As for planned marches, one of the former leaders who took offense at a comment stating that Jews were heavily involved in the slave trade, is now involved with a counter march on the same day in January. The Chicago march which drew thousands of people the last 2 years now says it had no plans to do one this January, opting instead just for the October midterm march. The timing of this announcement led to speculation that it was actually due to the antisemitic comments of national leadership as they released a statement at the same time denouncing national leadership and saying they are independent of them.

Unrelated to this specific controversy but having to do with the same organization, the Eureka California march has been cancelled because they say it would have been too white. Of course this decision being made on a discriminatory and racial basis should be a huge red pill to the liberal white population, but we aren`t making any bets. If they haven`t seen that the entire basis of social justice ideology is to remove us and our culture from society yet, then no amount of red pills will. But of course we enjoy seeing the left eat their own nonetheless.

In another story, ahead of a potential 2020 run, over two dozen former campaign workers for Bernie Sanders have signed a letter asking to discuss “sexual harassment and violence on the 2016 campaign”. In yet another red pill, part of the letter states the need for “the commitment to hiring diverse leadership to pre-empt the possibility of replicating the predatory culture from the first presidential campaign“. Aside from this, others have also accused the Sanders campaign of “toxic masculinity” stemming from use of the Bernie Bro moniker.

Whether it`s conservative tv hosts, or just a regular joe on the street, one of the things the left has employed and delighted in the most is demanding people be fired for their political associations and views, and more specifically using their 1st amendment right of free speech. Well it`s kind of silly to think that when you start using such tactics that they won`t be used back on you, but the left never seems to learn the error of their ways, they just double down on stupid. One of the most recent firings stems from a video showing a vape store employee who obviously suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome going on a hilariously insane rant against a customer who was wearing a MAGA hat. Without knowing anything about the customer, among other things in the rant he accuses the customer of being racist. What is funny about this, is that the man was later fired by his boss, who is a black female.

The trend of perpetual offense and attempts to silence free speech has been condemned by many, including Jerry Seinfeld who has said that comedy has been ruined by this new generation of snowflakes. One guy, Louis C.K. apparently has decided to go full steam into the snow storm as his new routine mocks gender neutral teens, the supposed “survivors” of the Parkland school shooting, as well as many other subjects that have become taboo in this culture of victimhood.

In closing, if these trends continue into 2019 we can say it is going to be a hilarious year 😀

Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue: Vagina Monologues Cancelled Because Not All Women Have Vaginas

Social Justice Warriors are on the frontlines fighting racism and social injustice wherever it rears it`s ugly head. The latest outrages have been identified and the lines have been drawn. What`s today’s outrage? The fact that not all women have vaginas. Yup, you read that right. I`ll explain in a bit, but before I get into today`s post I want to give a little background on how the left operates. As noted here, the left creates division in order to create victimhood in a person that they can then exploit. The left created the women’s rights movement in order to make women feel oppressed, to implant the idea in their head that they were slaves to men who only exist to pop out babies and that they needed to liberate themselves from this patriarchy. It was simply a way to destroy the traditional bond between men and women and ultimately to destroy the family structure in Western society.

Today’s women’s movement has been weaponized even more as they single out the smallest of non consequential issues and weaponize them, much the same way racism is thrown around in reference to anything and everything even though it is not there. Whether it`s a real division, or if it is just the natural progression of the far left in singling out nuances and creating victimhood and is being done by design, the women`s rights movement is now under attack itself for non inclusion. That brings me to today`s post- a Michigan college has cancelled a play of the Vagina Monologues because it is discriminatory to women who do not have vaginas. Again, yes you read that right, not all women have vaginas. This outcome was the result of a student survey circulated by Eastern Michigan College women`s resource center who asked for opinions on the play. Not only did people respond that the play was non inclusive because it only focused on cisgender women, but they also questioned whether the Vagina Monologues is still needed because it is irrelevant in today`s far left wave of feminism. Yes, this is how far we`ve advanced in society. The modern women`s movement = far left feminism = equality for vaginaless women. While this is progress and in my opinion is a good step forward for women`s equality, this does not go far enough as there are still lot`s of forms of women that are still being discriminated against.

In short, the women`s rights movement needs to abide by the rules. Women need to realize that not all women have vaginas and stop being discriminatory towards vaginaless women. Furthermore, organizations like the women’s march can’t cry for equality for women, but only for women with vaginas. Equality is equality, even when a vaginaless woman beats them in a wrestling match, a race, a weightlifting comp etc. Anyone who disagrees with this hates women and is a racist nazi homophobic republican… and stuff.

SJW`s Are Real Life NPC`s

The NPC meme is one of the most accurate memes depicting real life that has come out in awhile. Predictably the left is freaking out over it because it is so accurate. In case you`re unfamiliar with it, NPC stands for Non Player Character and is modeled after the robotic pre programmed characters in video games. It is being used to depict social justice warrior`s and the modern day left who always have the same pre programmed response to arguments and situations in general, thus proving that they are not able to think for themselves.

Vice: This Year’s Oscar Nominations Are Refreshingly Queer, Black, And Feminist

The Oscars: Social justice warriors rewarding other social justice warriors for being social justice warriors

Vice news once prided themselves on being an edgy news outlet. Today most of the articles they post are no different than the social justice warrior and mainstream news outlets. There is no deviation from mainstream news outlets and there is nothing edgy about them. As just one example they ran an article last month titled “This Year’s Oscar Nominations Are Refreshingly Queer, Black, And Feminist” where they celebrated just what the title says. In reality, what this means is that the Oscars have been reduced to social justice warriors rewarding other social justice warriors for being social justice warriors. As we posted here back in September, everything that has been infested with the social justice warrior ideology has been failing and losing ratings. It`s no surprise that once again this year the Oscar`s ratings dropped to a new all time low.

Hypocrisy In Baltimore`s White Social Justice Warriors

News headlines last week highlighted an effort for yard signs to be taken down in a Roland park neighborhood because they were unsightly and cluttered up the neighborhood. The signs in question just happened to be pro immigrant and pro blm signs. Aside from the political message though, social standards dictate that if a sign, a statue, a memorial etc is unsightly, or if someone else doesn`t agree with the message then it needs to be taken down.

It was later revealed that the Roland Park neighborhood where these pro immigration and pro blm signs were placed is (unsurprisingly) less than 7 percent black, and fewer than 3 percent Hispanic or Latino. This is indicative of the hypocrisy in white liberals who claim to be all about diversity and tolerance yet live in affluent mostly segregated white communities. On the issue of the signs themselves, there is a Baltimore City zoning code that prohibits the yard signs so not only are they unsightly but they are illegal. One resident, Nancy Lewin, complained that her 1st Amendment rights were being violated. It is rather ironic and humorous to see social justice warriors complain when their 1st Amendment rights are being violated, yet cry and riot to get anything they disagree with censored. Well, the fact is that not only do the signs violate city code but some neighbors do not like them, so by your own rules they need to come down. These are your rules leftists. Follow them or stop making them. Until that time, tear the signs down!

SJW`s To The Rescue! Wonder Woman Should Have Hairy Armpits & Milk Is Racist

Social Justice Warriors are on the frontlines fighting racism and social injustice wherever it rears it`s ugly head. The latest outrages have been identified and the lines have been drawn. What are the latest outrages you ask? The first is feminists outrage over the new trailer for Wonder Woman. A couple seconds of the new online trailer shows that Wonder Woman has clean shaven armpits which has triggered feminists who insist that an amazon woman preparing for battle would have no time to shave. Furthermore they claim her clean shaven armpits are just catering to beauty standards meant to make her more attractive to men and that it is representative of patriarchal oppression.

What else is on the social justice warrior list of social and racist offenses? Well milk is. Yes milk is now racist.

One has to wonder how we would survive without leftists pointing out everything that is racist in society. View our past articles here for more SJW activism