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Cheesecake Factory Employees Harass Black Customer Wearing MAGA Hat. Why Was There No National Outrage Like The Fake Starbuck`s Debacle?

On May 13th, Eugenoir Joseph went to The Cheesecake Factory at the Dadeland Mall in Miami, Florida with his girlfriend and her family to celebrate Mother`s Day. After they were seated, it is alleged that a group of employees came to the table and started harassing Eugenoir who was wearing a red MAGA hat. Claims that one worker threatened to “knock his head in so hard his hat’s going to come off” as well as witnesses claiming that they heard employees calling him a n*gger were reported. It became so bad that Eugenoir and his group ultimately left the restaurant. Eugenoir who is a former high school basketball standout at Westwood Christian High School says he was never really into politics before but loves President Trump. He says “It’s his straightforwardness. He says things and he’s going to get it done.”

In the end, the silence from mass media (other than Fox News) as well as the complete lack of outrage as compared to what happened at the Starbucks in Philly shows you exactly how much of  a fraud the social justice / anti racist movement is.

Starbucks Bathrooms Will Soon Be On Par With Gas Station Bathrooms

After a fake story made national news about 2 black men being arrested just for being black at a Starbucks, Starbucks responded by updating their store policy to allow non customers the right to loiter in their stores. In the new “Third Place Policy” (which is non inclusive, discriminatory and offensive on it`s own) they declare that “Any customer is welcome to use Starbucks spaces, including our restrooms, cafes and patios, regardless of whether they make a purchase“. As you`d expect after this open borders store policy, employees are now claiming to find needles and blood splatter on the walls as well as having people overdose in their bathrooms. It won`t be long before Starbucks bathrooms will be no different than gas station bathrooms. #Progresss #Gloryhole

Starbucks New “Third Place Policy” Is Discriminatory, Offensive And Non Inclusive

Starbucks has named their new progressive open borders store policy the “Third Place Policy” saying “We want our stores to be the third place, a warm and welcoming environment where customers can gather and connect“. Well the fact is, that third place is not a warm and welcoming place. A progressive establishment like Starbucks should realize that the term third place triggers ptsd in everyone who has participated and lost in testosterone driven competitions in which the victor is celebrated and everyone else is left to wallow in their own failure and emotional distress. If they truly want to be inclusive, Starbucks should name their new policy “The Participation Policy”.

Boycott Starbucks? How About Boycott The Democrat Party Instead

This tweet sums up the backwards logic of boycotting Starbucks. As he rightly points out the boycott should be directed at those who strive for victimhood instead of striving for self betterment. Candace Owens is another woman taking on this victimhood mentality and most recently took on the black lives matter protestors that tried to disrupt the speaking event she participated in. The left (including Shaun King aka Talcum X) has been in an uproar because Kanye West has since tweeted that he “loves the way she thinks”. It seems that people are waking up to the scam that is the liberal and democrat agenda.

Hotep Jesus Trolls Starbucks

After the fake story about 2 black men arrested for being black at a Starbucks came out, social justice warriors went into a meltdown demanding justice. One man, Bryan Sharpe (who is also known as Hotep Jesus) took advantage of this to troll Starbucks and get his justice in the form of a free coffee. He later explains in an interview with Laura Ingraham that “I am sick and tired of liberals using black people and making us look like victims, making us look soft with their liberal dogma,” “It is disgusting.” Both videos below

Woman Who Filmed Black Men Getting Arrested At Starbucks Later Admits They Were Asked To Leave And Refused

A video posted by Melissa DePino of two black men getting arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia went viral this past week and sent social justice warriors into a nuclear meltdown. Along with the video, her original post stated “The police were called because these men hadn’t ordered anything. They were waiting for a friend to show up. who did as they were taken out in handcuffs for doing nothing. All the other white ppl are wondering why it`s never happened to us when we do the same thing.” Further posts from her state that people had been saying that there must be more to this story to which she replies “That assumption is a big part of the problem. It does happen. All the time. Just not to you and me. Believe it and speak up.” Her implication- they were arrested for being black.

Well, as usual, there is more to the story. According to a statement from the police commissioner, police were called after the men were asked to leave because they appeared to be loitering. The two men entered the Starbucks, sat down without ordering anything, and then later asked to use the bathroom. The employee informed them that the restroom was only for paying customers and then asked them to leave, which they refused to do. After being told police would be called they replied to the effect of- Go ahead and call the police. When police did arrive they also asked the men to leave, three different times. After refusing to do so they were ultimately arrested for trespassing.

It wasn`t until after the commissioner released his statement on the arrests that Melissa DePino updated her comments to reflect what really happened. She however tried to turn it into a social justice protest saying “Yes, the two men were asked to leave @Starbucks, as the Philly Police said in their statement, but they sat there peacefully and had the nerve to ask WHY they were being asked to leave. What counts as peaceful protest? Isn’t that what this is?!” The verdict- they were not arrested for being black, they were arrested for trespassing after politely being asked to leave several times.

In the end, Starbucks is a liberal progressive company. I do not support them so whatever comes of this is none of my concern. I do find it humorous that a liberal progressive company is getting a taste of their own medicine and are being accused of racism when it wasn`t there. This is the modus operandi the left has used against people and businesses that do not align with them ideologically and it`s good seeing them eat their own this time. Nevertheless it is rather disgusting that mass media took this fake story and made it national news before all the facts even came out. It shows just how sorry the state of our mass media is in wanting to push a narrative over factual reporting. What`s even more disgusting is that mass media ran with this fake story, yet ignore real racism and discrimination like the “No Whites Allowed Pool Party Hosted By Scripps College Latinx Group“.

Starbucks Gets A Cup Full Of Socialism. Judge Rules Stores Can`t Close

After Teavana (a beverage store owned by Starbucks) announced they were going to close up all 379 of it`s stores, a lawsuit was filed against them for violating their lease agreement. The case went to court and a judge ultimately ruled against Starbucks and ordered 77 of their stores to stay open in various malls. Aside from the violation of the lease agreement, the argument that “losing a high profile store like Teavana could hurt foot traffic in its malls, and thus hurt the other tenants and cause their stores to close, too.” was put forth. It`s good to see liberal owned starbucks getting a little dose of socialism.