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Justice Roberts Continues To Side With Liberals On Illegal Immigration. Why?

Once again, Justice Roberts has sided with the liberal half of the Supreme Court when it comes to illegal immigrants. Why? Furthermore in doing so he denied the President his rightful authority to rescind a previous administration’s executive order.

In the dissent Justice Thomas writes in part that “DHS created DACA during the Obama administration without any statutory authorization and without going through the requisite rulemaking process. As a result, the program was unlawful from its inception.”

Does this now mean that any executive order that Trump creates will now be law forever?

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/18/supreme-court-preserves-daca-work-permits-for-700000-illegal-immigrants/

Leftists Mad That Trump Is Placing Constitutional Judges In Courts Rather Than Social Justice Warriors

When people say don’t vote because “your vote doesn’t matter”, this shows it in fact does. In the screenshot below from the faceboook page, Rachel Maddow is basically upset that people are being put in the courts who will actually rule based on Constitutional law rather than those who are social justice warriors. The supreme court appointment of Neil Gorsuch is obviously one of the most important appointments resulting from the last presidential election, but there are plenty more to go with it. Currently Trump has nominated his third 9th Circuit judge for the ID seat as well as nominated 9 district judges for NY, AL, and PA. A 7th Circuit judge has been confirmed and another 9th Circuit judge has gotten past the committee. Read more from the White House post here This is one of the many reasons that your vote counts