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Ted Cruz Vs. Jack Dorsey

This was really good. I’m liking Ted Cruz more than I did a few years ago. But enough with the hearings, do something about it.

The Violent Left: Professor Says Senators Need To Be Harassed In Restaurants. Stick Your Fingers In Their Salad & Take Their Food

Another day another college professor calls for aggression against Republicans. This time it`s from James Thomas, an assistant professor of Sociology at the University Of Mississippi who tweeted that senator`s do not deserve your civility. While not naming Republican`s specifically, Thomas has expressed his support for democratic socialism, leaving no doubt which senators he is referring to. After Senator Ted Cruz and his wife were harassed at a restaurant, Thomas tweeted “Don’t just interrupt a Senator’s meal, y’all. Put your whole damn fingers in their salads. Take their apps and distribute them to the other diners. Bring boxes and take their food home with you on the way out. They don’t deserve your civility.” After receiving condemnation for his tweet he replied “Run for office. Get elected. Pass legislation that harms large groups of people. And I will stick my whole foot in your lunch. Deal?

Again, this is another member of The Violent Left entrusted to be a teacher who shows violent tendencies and a propensity towards political violence. These people should not be in positions where they can radicalize those going through our universities. The Our State Flag Foundation started a campaign to have him removed saying that he is a radical agitator advocating uncivil illegal harassment and should not be around your children. Contact info for the university can be found here