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Days After Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari Was Arrested For Terror Ties, His Sister Is Shot & Killed After Attacking Cop With A Knife. National Media Silent

undefinedNational media has a curious way of reporting on terrorism. Currently, if you look at the way they are covering the riots, attacks on police and everyday citizens, the destruction of businesses and even the armed take over of a city, you’d think that we’re living in a summer of love. On the other hand, when you had regular everyday Americans who were going bankrupt and couldn’t feed their families because of lock down orders out protesting peacefully with no violence and destruction they were called “terrorist racist white supremacist nazi F*cking white males!”, even when they weren’t.

The national media has held the same standard when it comes to terror attacks, downplaying them when they can and calling it workplace violence, or just relegating them to the back page and not covering them at all. This is another case- Last month on the 24th, Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari was arrested in Florida and charged with “attempting to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization,” namely ISIS. It’s reported that he expressed admiration for Omar Marteen, the terrorist who attacked the LGBTQ community in the Pulse Nightclub shooting. The affidavit states that he wanted to take at least 50 people out. “I don’t want to take four or five, no. I want to take at least 50,” “You know like, brother Omar Mateen in Orlando did. He took 49 with him”.

Just 6 months ago there was an ISIS inspired terror attack at an airbase in Florida, and another attack last month at a Naval Base in Texas. The arrest of Al-Azhari shows yet another attempted terror attack on American citizens and the national media has been completely silent. Just to furthermore add to this story, just days after his arrest, 22 year old Heba Momtaz Al-Azhari, the sister of Al-Azhari was shot and killed by a cop after she attacked him with a butcher knife outside of Temple Hills City Hall. This has received no national media attention. Instead msm is busy pushing conspiracy theories about racist cops and false narratives about the entirety of White America in general being racist. Do you think there’s some kind of agenda going on? More importantly, did you fall for it?

More Terror Attacks In Europe. Video In Link

More Terror Attacks In Europe

The news is just being reported now that in Germany last night a man hijacked a truck at knife point and plowed it into a line of cars sitting a traffic light. Police have identified the man as a 32 year old Syrian migrant and “It is believed the man was previously known to police for dangerous bodily harm, drug possession, groping a 16-year-old girl and shoplifting but not extremism, according to Bild.“Police say the man was yelling “Allah” as he was being arrested.

Just last week in Paris, France a law enforcement employee stabbed and killed 4 people to death including 3 cops inside of the Paris police headquarters before being shot and killed. It is said that he had converted to Islam 18 months prior.