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Police Are Investigating The Death Of Man Who Drank Fish Tank Cleaner

In case you haven’t noticed yet (sarcasm) mass media loves to take things that President Trump says out of context. One of those recent things was that he was promoting the use of a fish tank cleaner to cure the coronavirus. Of course that’s not what he was referring to, but mass media ran with it because they want you to think Orange Man Dumb. Well after they started airing this story a man died after his wife allegedly gave him fish tank cleaner and instead of taking responsibility for their misconstrued reporting, they laid the blame on Trump. Now there is an investigation into his death and it looks like there might be more going on than just the narrative that “man dies after Trump promotes fish tank cleaner as corona cure”.

But but but drumpf said to drink fish tank cleaner. No, no he didn’t. Just like he didn’t tell people to inject Lysol. And no one thought this guy’s death wasn’t suspicious except the TDS crowd.

Meme Alert: Democrats Holding Up Impeachment Is Obstruction Of Congress For Quid Pro Quo

They`re saying that “Trump Was Impeached!” Well, not quite. Did the house take a vote? Yes. But until it goes through the Senate the process is not complete. Also, Nancy Pelosi is currently obstructing congress by not sending the articles over. In a rather ironic statement after seeing how the democrat run Ukraine Hoax Hearing was held in the House, she is asking for a quid pro quo saying she needs to be sure that the Senate trial will be fair in exchange for the articles.

And did you hear the latest? “Newly surfaced emails” magically appeared that democrats are saying demands that there be a trial in the Senate. What are those emails? More opinion and speculation from people who “thought they were doing something wrong” by holding up funds. The money was in fact released later. These people are a joke.

Low Energy Republicans Freaking Out Over Trump`s Lynching Comment

After mass media outrage over Trump using the word “lynching” to describe the democrat attacks on him, a few of the low energy Republicans are running scared and denouncing it. Well, let’s look at that his claim real quick.

1) More whites were in fact lynched than blacks.
2) The majority of lynchings were in fact done by democrats.
3) Most of them were done on sketchy evidence.

Based on that criteria I’d say his statement is validated. The low energy republicans are just scared of being called a “racist nazi white supremacist F*cking White Male!” like always.

Listen up low energy republicans, you are the only ones giving the left power over you with these words. If you grovel and run they’re just going to attack you harder because they see fear. So quit being cucks and get a spine.

Adam Schiff “Parody” Exemplifies Democrat & Mass Media Lies

What Adam Schiff did last week at the House Intelligence Committee hearing regarding the Trump / Ukraine phone call, in taking a story, twisting it around, adding things to it that didn’t happen in order for it to fit the democrat narrative, etc, was the epitome of what the media and democrats have been doing since President Trump took office. It shouldn’t get any more clearer than that. They are looking you in the face and lying to you.

The attempt to make it sound like a “mafia like shakedown” perpetrated by President Trump was also obviously coordinated with the democrat`s propaganda arm in Mockingbird Media, as every story coming out of the major news networks afterwards regurgitated the same “mafia like shakedown” talking point. Pay attention people, the matrix is exposing itself in real time.

A$AP Rocky, Trump, Sweden & Wokeness

Remember about 2 years ago when President Trump was talking about how bad things were in Sweden and everyone laughed at him and then an American rapper went to Sweden and got put in jail for defending himself against a group of immigrants that attacked him and then our “racist president” working with Kanye West called Sweden to get him out but the progressive prime minister who is also the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party refused to help?

And about that, you have the social justice clowns who think they are woke claiming that the only reason President Trump is doing it is because he needs the black vote. On the other hand, real wokeness comes with the tweet below. And this is the level of woke they don`t want you to reach, because once you do, their plantation will be liberated

Arizona Border Mayor Declares ‘State of Emergency’ While Democrats & Mass Media Claim Manufactured Crisis

State of emergency?? I thought democrats and cnn said Trump was just manufacturing a crisis. The news wouldn’t lie to us would they??

Yuma Arizona mayor Douglas J. Nichols has declared a state of emergency as his city is being overrun with illegal immigrants. A tweet from the City Of Yuma twitter page saying “Migrants being released into the community faster than they are departing, and shelters and the staff to run them are at max capacity.” Yuma, which sits just 25 miles from the border, says their shelters are already over capacity as over 1,300 migrants have been dropped in the city. KYMA states that

“Mayor Doug Nicholls signed an emergency proclamation Tuesday and declared there is an imminent threat due to the release of migrants in the Yuma community.

During the announcement, Mayor Nicholls stressed the importance of the declaration and stated how it will affect the community.

“By signing this proclamation we are looking to do a couple of things. Making sure that, not just locally but throughout the country, it is clear that we are in a position that needs to be rectified on a national level. Not just within the resources of our Yuma community,” Mayor Nicholls said. “Two is to try to avert the threat of hundreds of people roaming the streets looking to satisfy basic human needs in our community and not having the resources to do so and the reaction of the citizens of Yuma looking to protect their property and their way of life.”

You can read the proclamation here

Yuma declares emergency ove… by on Scribd

The Violent Left. Adults Assault Pro Trump Students In Schools. National Media Silent

Not long ago a highschool wrestler in New Jersey was made to get his dreads cut before a wrestling match. Even though the student was not physically or verbally assaulted this story was national news. Why? Because the wrestler was black, so this was obviously racism. Similar stories make national news anytime the alt left mass media can exploit them even if they are a non story. On the other hand, assaults against students based on political ideologies not favored by the alt left mass media go largely unreported. Some recent cases are as follows.

A school bus driver in Martin County Florida is allegedly seen on surveillance video ripping a Trump hat off a students head after repeatedly yelling at him to “take it off”. 14 year old Gunnar Johansson said “She, like, threatened me with a referral and threatened to turn the bus around. I said, ‘Write me up, I didn’t do anything wrong,’ and then she yanked my hat off. It was crazy,” He also told deputies that the bus aide told him to “never wear that nonsense on this bus again.” It happened on a day where students were allowed to wear hats to school if they made a donation to the March Of Dimes but Gunnar was the only one who was told to remove his hat. The woman later told deputies that she did it because she was personally offended by the hat. Her employment status with the bus company is unknown at this point but Gunnar has said she has not been back on his route. It`s unclear whether charges have been filed against her yet.

Another story comes from Gilbert Arizona where Logan Jones was suspended for 10 days after allegedly being stalked and verbally harassed by a school resource officer. The incident occurred on “Party In The USA Day” during Perry Highschool`s spirit week when Logan and her friend wore pro Trump attire to school. After the school day was over the 2 were taking pictures holding a Trump banner in a common area when they were told to leave by the officer. As posted on the Alliance Defending Freedom website:

The two students did as they were told. But as they began to pack up and leave campus, the officer followed them and took pictures of them. Then, the officer asked for Logan’s name – who inquired why that information was needed since they were following the officer’s orders without protest. That’s when the officer directed them to go to the office to speak with Patterson. (The assistant principal) Again, the students did as they were told. On the way, Logan called her mother, who told her to wait until she got there to speak with anyone. When Logan’s mother arrived, she began talking with Patterson about the situation. After a few minutes, Principal Dan Serrano came out of his office and said, “I am tired of hearing this. Logan Jones, you are suspended for 10 days. Get off of school property.”

The ADF has since gotten her suspension repealed but Serrano has refused to take the suspension off her permanent record, which is still being challenged.

In Virginia, a black teacher is caught on video taking a white students Trump 2020 flag and wrapping it around his head. However, unlike the “racist” story about the wrestler getting a haircut, this actual assault has caused no national outrage at all.

The double standards and media bias are apparent as always. As is the fact that the left is more than willing to use violence against those they disagree with ideologically. Had any of these stories had the roles reversed (and especially with it being adults attacking children) there would be national outrage, protests, campaigns against hate, etc. It`s time to start pushing back in any legal ways possible. This is also why we need to #Resist the left`s censoring and banning of conservative and alternative media outlets. They are losing the culture war, and in their attempt to counter their losses, their tyranny is growing.

Trump`s National Emergency Declaration Is The Left`s Manufactured Crisis

Trump`s National Emergency Declaration Is The Left`s Manufactured Crisis

Constitutional crisis, manufactured crisis, undermining our democracy- How many times have you heard these used to describe something that relates to President Trump`s administration? These are all used over and over by democrats, the left, and in the Mockingbird Media to try and whip the public into a frenzied paranoia to make them think that the foundation of America as we know it is about to be destroyed. The aim is two fold, one to turn the populace against President Trump and divert attention away from the successes of his administration, and two to justify their unfounded opposition and court challenges against him.

Once again you have to go back to the democrat playbook as psychological warfare is used often. One of the most commonly used tactics and one that has been exposed over and over since Trump`s election is what is known as projection. Projection is accusing your opponents of doing what you are doing. In short, democrats and the left are claiming Constitutional crisis, manufactured crisis, undermining our democracy etc in their own manufactured crisis in order to undermine our democracy. In doing so they are creating their own Constitutional crisis, and nothing can be more evident of this then the revelations about the actions taken in the Russia investigation in order to try and remove President Trump. But back to the topic of this post- In calling the national emergency declaration a manufactured crisis, the democrats have in fact manufactured a crisis. Btw, this isn`t the first national emergency to have been declared. Read them here

Leftist Double Standards On Women`s Suffrage

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Leftist Double Standards On Women`s Suffrage

Democrats: Wear white to #SOTU to protest women’s suffrage.

Also democrats: Create and celebrate art upholding women’s suffrage.

The story: A new “art” exhibit at a Washington museum titled “Ivanka Vacuuming” consists of an Ivanka Trump lookalike vacuuming a floor. For 2 hours guests are invited to throw crumbs on the carpet while the woman walks around smiling as she vacuums it up. The description for this exhibit says that she is “a figure whose public persona incorporates an almost comically wide range of feminine identities” with “daughter, wife mother, working woman and blonde” being some of those “comical identities”.

The same people praising this “Art” exhibit are the same ones who praised the women who wore white to the State Of The Union as a protest against women`s suffrage. Again, if it weren`t for double standards they wouldn`t have any standards at all