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When The Ukraine / Impeachment Hoax Fails, Circle Back, Rinse & Repeat. Woman Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault

When The Ukraine / Impeachment Hoax Fails, Circle Back, Rinse & Repeat. Woman Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault

CNN reports that a columnist by the name of E. Jean Carroll has accused President Trump of a sexual assault that happened some 20 years ago and is seeking his DNA. This story is making it`s rounds on the “news” outlets as well as being pushed by the liberal talk shows. You can always tell when one of the anti Trump “WE GOT HIM NOW!” hoaxes start falling apart because they move on to the next “WE GOT HIM NOW!”. It just surprises me that people jump on every “WE GOT HIM NOW!” when so many other mass media backed stories and psyops have been exposed.

More Unrelated Testimony At Ukraine Hoax Hearing

This is a late post from our social media but I wanted to get it up here as more documentation for the Ukraine hoax hearing

And what does that have to do with the quid pro quo that Ambassador Sondland and every other witness had said didn’t happen?
Answer: Nothing
Btw, here’s an article from the left leaning politico from 2 years ago confirming Ukraine’s involvement in the 2016 election on behalf of Hillary


Democrats Holding Up USMCA Vote

Democrats have been on a campaign of obstruction since Trump came into office. Not only are they hurting the American people in the process, but they actually wish for our financial ruin simply because they want support for President Trump to drop. They are currently too busy trying to overturn the 2016 election with a made up Ukraine impeachment to hold a vote on the USMCA which would strengthen the economy and help American workers and businesses. But then again, without an underclass of dependent people to vote for them, the democrats would lose every election.


Adam Schiff Shuts Down Line Of Questioning About Hillary & Ukraine In His Kangaroo Court

Adam Schiff interrupts and shuts down question about Ukraine links to Hillary in the last election. Why? Because they don’t want their corruption exposed. They’ve turned an investigation into an actual quid pro quo from “Quid Pro Joe” Biden into a show trial against Trump for exposing it and dismantling their worldwide network of corruption.
My prediction for 2020- A failed impeachment attempt and a new Trump Supreme Court Appointee 😀

Low Energy Republicans Freaking Out Over Trump`s Lynching Comment

After mass media outrage over Trump using the word “lynching” to describe the democrat attacks on him, a few of the low energy Republicans are running scared and denouncing it. Well, let’s look at that his claim real quick.

1) More whites were in fact lynched than blacks.
2) The majority of lynchings were in fact done by democrats.
3) Most of them were done on sketchy evidence.

Based on that criteria I’d say his statement is validated. The low energy republicans are just scared of being called a “racist nazi white supremacist F*cking White Male!” like always.

Listen up low energy republicans, you are the only ones giving the left power over you with these words. If you grovel and run they’re just going to attack you harder because they see fear. So quit being cucks and get a spine.

Adam Schiff “Parody” Exemplifies Democrat & Mass Media Lies

What Adam Schiff did last week at the House Intelligence Committee hearing regarding the Trump / Ukraine phone call, in taking a story, twisting it around, adding things to it that didn’t happen in order for it to fit the democrat narrative, etc, was the epitome of what the media and democrats have been doing since President Trump took office. It shouldn’t get any more clearer than that. They are looking you in the face and lying to you.

The attempt to make it sound like a “mafia like shakedown” perpetrated by President Trump was also obviously coordinated with the democrat`s propaganda arm in Mockingbird Media, as every story coming out of the major news networks afterwards regurgitated the same “mafia like shakedown” talking point. Pay attention people, the matrix is exposing itself in real time.